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We originally met at Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada, CO in the fall of 2017 where we crossed paths as regulars who were both working remotely. After discovering that Joe was a mobile app developer, Justin pitched him on working together to solve his daily issue of, “How can I save all of the things recommended to me in one place that fetches all the information I need without having to research it later myself?”

After contemplating that question, we realized the majority of conversations happening around us at the coffee shop were about recommendations. “Have you watched this?” “You should read that!” “Go listen to them!” It was then that we realized this issue wasn’t unique to us, so we made Phile.

Our goal with Phile is not to be a social network, but a utility that can be easily accessed during a conversation so you can save the recommendation and quickly return to your interaction.

Don't forget it, Phile it!


Joe Kramer
Co-Founder, Developer
Recommends: Hyperion, Blackkklansman, and Shall We Dance
Justin Schaffer
Co-Founder, Designer
Recommends: Marriage Story, Daytripper, and 99% Invisible
What is Phile?

Phile is an app for iOS that empowers you to save movie, tv show, book, music, podcast, and restaurant recommendations. Phile replaces the need for writing things down, using a note-taking app, texting yourself, or opening countless browser tabs. Not only is Phile your one-stop-shop for media, but it also automagically shows you all you need to know like reviews, showtimes, ratings, and trailers.

Why is it called Phile?

Phile is all about saving media - a filing cabinet for “mediaphiles” if you will, hence the name Phile!

Why should I upgrade to Phile Premium?

Phile is a passion project 100% funded and maintained by just the two of us. Phile Premium grants you unlimited Philes, no ads, and access to all future features. Your upgrade directly goes to cover our operating costs which include server charges, web-hosting fees, subscriptions to APIs, and supports further development so we can continue improving what Phile can do for you.